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MY story

   Every kid grew up wanting to belong, to fit in and find their people, to feel apart of something greater than themselves. With a troubled family life all I wanted was a place to call home I longed for people to understand me. So, finding my “people” saved my life quite literally. 

    There wasn’t a day you wouldn’t find me at my best friend Max’s house, blasting whatever genre of music he was into that week while chugging Monster energy drinks and sketching ideas for our future T-shirt company “FTS.” Max had an energy about him that was contagious, he never shot down any idea he only encouraged it. No idea was stupid to him. It was beautiful how nothing felt impossible when you were around him, the world was always at our finger tips. 

    Unfortunately no one can really prepare you for the realities of life and how friendships die and people grow apart. Life already makes little sense and the more we grow the less sense it makes. Everything at this age is constantly changing and before you know it you’re reminiscing about the “old times.”

    It was December 10th 2016 early morning when I got the call, Max’s life had quietly slipped away. There was a part of me that changed that day. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t let things become impossible and to live permanently in Max’s contagious energy. Life is too short, you don’t know when your last day will be. I want my brand to be a message for those 16 year old me’s that if you’re going through hell to keep going no matter how much it hurts.

In honor of~Max Eugene Gafford 1992-2016Forever Loved Never Forgotten

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